Alex Sangha

Emergence: Out of the Shadows is about the strengths and struggles of gay and lesbian South Asian people in Metro Vancouver reflecting on their coming out journey and the reactions of their parents. 

Emergence is a very valuable educational tool and can help many people, especially youth, deal with their sexuality, gender identity, and coming out journey from an anti-racism and cross-cultural perspective. 

It will help people emotionally connect and better understand the issues, concerns, and challenges that gay and lesbian South Asian people experience and the potential fear of rejection or love and acceptance that they may receive from their parents. 

The film will give a voice to the taboo topic of gay and lesbian issues in the South Asian community.  It is very rich to hear from the parents whose acceptance gay and lesbian children seek.  For the parents, it is so difficult when teachings or loyalties are split between children and what they may have “known” deeply to be right or moral all their lives.  

Many South Asian parents with gay and lesbian children also do not know any other parents with gay and lesbian children.  They are isolated with limited understanding.  Emergence will help fill this gap. 

This documentary film will empower and save lives and create a sense of community and critical awareness for South Asian parents with gay and lesbian children. 

People of all backgrounds will be able to relate to this film because it deals with issues of fitting in, belonging, acceptance, love, as well as possible experiences we all go through of discrimination, oppression, racism, and rejection and the impact this has on our life.