The Sher Vancouver LGBTQ Friends Society is a registered charity for LGBTQ+ South Asians and their friends and families.  Everyone is welcome.

Sher Vancouver is a dual purpose arts and cultural and social service organization. Sher Vancouver provides free crisis counselling, information, referral, peer support groups, creates educational resource materials, volunteer opportunities, and outreach presentations to combat bullying, racism, homophobia, and transphobia. Sher Vancouver also offers an annual youth leadership award and hosts informative and impactful film screenings and produces social justice documentary films.

Sher Vancouver is the production company behind Emergence: Out of the Shadows.

Sher Films is a Division of the Sher Vancouver LGBTQ Friends Society.

This is Sher’s second film. Sher’s first short documentary film, My Name Was January, picked up 14 awards and garnered an amazing 59 official selections at film festivals around the world.

My Name Was January entered the Canadian Screen Awards for 2020 in the Best Short Documentary category!

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